Cloud Based Access Control

Centrally managed, unlimited locations

Access Control

Our physical access control solutions follow several of the same key requirements that our cybersecurity solutions follow; from there on out the solution is built around the customer. So what exactly are those key requirements? The most intuitive interface possible, modern and evolving security methods, and full AAA. We aren't talking about roadside assistance, but rather authentication, authorization, and accounting. In regard to access control, authentication is the ability to verify whom is attempting to access a secured area. Authorization summarizes the ability to grant or deny access to secured areas with different permissions per area. Any finally, accounting provides for record-keeping of whom has been granted or denied access at any point in time.

By leveraging our cloud designs, we layer on the ability to manage AAA for multiple locations from a single intuitive interface.

Open APIs and Integrations

IP based integrations yield stronger security

Having video surveillance and access control are two keys to a secure campus. Having an open and flexible architecture around which all aspects of security can be integrated together yields a stronger world of security.