Smarter Security Investments

Eliminate investments that quickly grow outdated

Reducing the capital expenditures on hardware that gets outdated over time is pivotal to the modern business. Video surveillance and access control infrastructure is no exception. We have been informing customers about the poor investment of proprietary security systems for over a decade and the rapid rate of cloud adoption is a perfect example of this.

Reduced Overhead and Simple Management

No system patching and secure remote access

The complex need for patching and maintaining DVR/NVR systems or access control servers is eliminated and replaced with a simple web interface. Both configuration and use of systems can be done anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud systems are automatically patched for the latest security and bug fixes, allowing your organization to focus its goals and stay secure.

Secure Communications

Encrypted signaling and streams to the cloud

A key concern for any security professional should include understanding the risk of a cyber compromise. Our cloud based video surveillance and access control platform utilizes secure protocols for all authentication, streaming, and event services. Many local systems use non-encrypted communications and rely on network edge appliances to provide security. This can leave vulnerabilities in place if a user's system is compromised. Our cloud managed systems use end to end secured signaling.