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Cutting Edge is an organization spawned from decades of developing video survelilance solutions. As it happens, IP Video has made a massive migration to IP and network based infrastructure. Our dedicated and in-house network engineering teams give us a massive advantage in the new age of video surveillance. Many integrators are having a hard time adapting to the future of IP Surveillance. The high-resolution images are appealing to everyone, and the flexibility offered by IP based recording offers a new generation of intelligent integrations. However, coax-based surveillance was simple for traditional integrators to understand. Video streams could not possibly affect voice quality on enterprise phone systems in the past. Modern based cameras may have multiple 4K lenses in a single camera and when high amounts of motion enter these scenes, the underlying network is going to notice the traffic.

Many integrators build seperate physical network infrastructure because of misconceptions on how to manage network traffic. Seperate infrastructure for video surveillance introduces unnecessary expense and a limited ability to integrate intelligence into video systems. Utilizing a video surveillance firm with decades of experience in both surveillance and network engineering provides a unified security approach without worrying about an impact on time-sensitive communications equipment. Most networks properly prepared for voice over IP can utilize technologies like power over ethernet, VLan and QoS capabilities, and cabling infrastructure to implement high quality IP based video surveillance systems.

The Process

Cutting Edge brings surveillance and network engineer experience to identify the needs of an organization. Our design engineers have deployed thousands of IP cameras across the nation. This experience helps identify potential trouble points that would have otherwise been missed by companies that do not specialize in IP Surveillance. Once the goals of a solution have been discussed, Cutting Edge will build the theoretical project in Microsoft Visio. Detailed diagrams of estimated pixel density at targeted distances and 3-Axis angles of lenses meet target goals. Once the camera design has been approved, a project coordinator discusses aspects of the installation like permissions (whom has access to live vs. recorded video, etc), custom layouts in the VMS, retention time on recorded footage and various parameters that are tuned to each system. Camera engineers then collaborate with network and server engineers on the demands of the system to ensure adequate throughput, processing power, storage, latency targets and infrastructure goals are met. A final design and proposal are discussed with the client to ensure all aspects of the project have carefully been considered and that all objectives will be met.