Single Sign-On

Access to content from multiple locations with a single login

Business City

Connecting to surveillance systems across multiple locations has traditionally been cumbersome to say the least. Managing dozens or hundreds of individual surveillance systems for each branch is expensive and inefficient. Cutting Edge has a better way. Sign into your video management software once and have access to any location with a single click.

Maintaining User Accounts and Security

Managing separate NVR systems becomes nearly impossible to keep up with a regular password update interval. This can introduce security vulnerabilities as updating each NVR becomes an unfathomable task. Cutting Edge Cloud Surveillance platform provides SSO (Single Sign-On) for all locations with proper user rights. This allows a single user to update passwords once for all locations they have privilege to.

The Login, Logout Game

Ever get tired of logging in and out of DVR units? You aren't alone! Many companies have had issues securely connecting DVR units to centralized networks in a secure manner, let alone allowing users to access multiple systems without logging out of the current system to start logging into the next. Our cloud surveillance platform allows users to access hundreds of locations from a single session. Create custom views to allow access to any video stream at any time from any location. Want each location's video streams to be accessible with a single click? No problem. Want to see the front door of multiple locations in a single pane of glass? No problem.

Use Case Example:

Franchise owner operates 12 locations each with 4-10 cameras. Business owner currently uses screen share software to access a local PC at each site and then logs into a proprietary DVR unit. Cutting Edge proposes a cloud based video surveillance solution that allows the business owner to conveniently view video streams from all locations from anywhere with an internet connection. The franchise owner logs into a single application or web browser, and is presented with a tailor-made view that allows easy navigation to any camera, from any location on demand. Video playback is offered in the exact same application for any camera without ever leaving the same familiar interface.