SAN & NAS Support

Bring your own storage medium


Have existing investments in SAN or NAS technologies? Whether block level or file level storage is available, IP Solutions will assist the implementation of video surveillance systems into existing storage infrastructure. This can save clients thousands of dollars in hardware and energy as well as open up rack space. We gladly assist on sizing storage parameters whether SAN, NAS, DAS, or locally attached storage will be used. Larger implementations can benefit further by separating services onto multiple VM's to ensure guaranteed resource availability for critical recording services or archival.

VMware & Hyper-V Compatibility

Video Surveillance as a VM

Milestone Systems VMS platform allows customers to utilize existing blade servers or open resources on VM hosts without the need for a proprietary DVR or NVR. Now your video surveillance systems can benefit from the same features and functionality that your other data leans on virtualization for. Utilize features like VMware vMotion or VMware High Availability for ease of maintenance and increasing uptime.

VMware HA