Professional Training

End-user and Administrative Training


Our training program begins with our understanding of your technology goals. Our trainers work with you to develop your training strategy and the best way to deliver it. This includes Onsite Training sessions, Online Live training sessions or Q&A’s. This ensures that all your training requirements are met. Many times, technology projects are concentrated on the capabilities you will gain and how those new features will help to improve your business. Cutting Edge also wants to make sure your staff is confident in how they will interact and use the new technology in their daily routine.

Our trainers have excellent technical proficiency in Milestone Systems and Axis Communications products and are experienced with a wide variety of projects. Our goal is to utilize this experience to provide your team with valuable knowledge in video management, as well as evidence and incident handling. Our awareness into the needs of end users and understanding the engineers technical side allows us to deliver our training in effective ways that make the end-user feel confident.