Video Management Software

The key to an effective video surveillance system

Milestone Open Platform

An effective video surveillance solution is completely reliant on an effective video management software. In many cases the software produced by a video surveillance camera manufacturer works "okay" for the client. However, a dedicated video management platform should be considered for those with more specific needs.

Intelligent Surveillance

Milestone Systems Open VMS

If you are accustomed to analog video surveillance systems it is time to wipe the slate clean and be welcomed into the world of intelligent video surveillance. Imagine a world with a complete visual overview of your surveillance installation including interactive maps revealing camera locations. Alarms displayed directly in the maps make it easy to quickly identify and address incidents throughout the entire system. If an incident occurs, efficient video search tools enable users to easily find relevant video clips and export evidence. Users with different skill levels and system access can view live and recorded video through three convenient, intuitive viewing interfaces including mobile applications for on-the-go access.