HD Video Surveillance

720p, 1080p, & Ultra-HD Video Surveillance

Network Cameras

Cutting Edge employs a video surveillance implementation team of Axis Communications and Milestone Systems trained professionals in order to bring best in class IP Surveillance and Video Management Software. Modern IP based infrastructure can utilize managed PoE switches commonly in place for VoIP systems for efficient management of video surveillance systems. IP and network based transport allows for higher bandwidth to transmit HD video feeds over Cat5 or higher cabling. This also enables businesses easier management of infrastructure as all PC's, VoIP phones, and IP cameras can utilize the same network components and management interfaces and protocols.

Retain Existing Investments

Video Surveillance Encoders

Axis Encoder

If you have seen the light on the necessity for IP based video surveillance but want to retain some portion of existing infrastructure you have come to the right place. Some analog cameras can still obtain reasonable video but are simply too hard to manage due to their proprietary nature. Axis encoders are the perfect migration path to modern age IP based video surveillance from outdated proprietary systems. Encoders can often times help get a video surveillance solution to meet customer demands at a feasible budget if reliable cabling and cameras can be reused. Axis encoders work with analog cameras from nearly any manufacturer, and work flawlessly with modern video management systems.

For a more detailed look at how Axis Encoders work, please view the Axis Encoder White Paper or contact us today for a demonstration.