Single-Mode & Multi-Mode Fiber

Long-Haul, Backbone, To-The-Desktop

Fiber can carry data at more than 40gb-per-second speeds. The increased amount of data that can be transmitted means better service for telecommunications, high-speed data communications, video, HD TV, and other transport needs. Fiber optic technology offers longer distance, faster speeds and higher reliability over other methods.

Cutting Edge has extensive experience with designing and installing a wide variety of fiber optic network topologies. Our technicians have installed and tested thousands of miles of cable for our customers. We have worked with many businesses across the country on their specialty cabling needs, both small and large. Cutting Edge Communications can fine tune your existing networking system or design one from scratch.

UTP & Ethernet

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7

We design, install, and expand all components of layered networks. Our experience allows us to design voice and data systems that are both cost effective and optimized to our client’s needs. If you do not have an existing voice cabling network, we will focus on scalable state-of-the-art equipment that will handle your needs for years to come. With our specialty cabling options, we can devise and implement a system that is right for you. We also install cabling for specific applications such as Video Conferencing, CCTV, and Paging.

Cutting Edge Communications makes your transition run smoothly by managing the process from start to finish, coordinating with IT Staff, Designers, General Contractors, furniture vendors, and county inspectors to ensure that all deadlines are met in accordance with your timeline, whether you are moving or upgrading your existing space.

Our highly skilled technicians are professional, timely, and sensitive to the needs of the client. We formulate a voice and data cabling network plan from start to finish that best optimizes your schedule and resources.